#23: The X Factor

(Not So) Live from Asteroid G

Can you trust mutants? Are you secretly one yourself. We talk mutants, and all other kinds, as the (Not So) Live crew takes on the X-MenLaunched in 1963 and written by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, the X-Men featured heroes distinctly different from those featured in the pages of DC Comics. Mutants who didn't ask for their powers (and very often didn't want them), these heroes, who constantly fought against humans who didn't want "muties" around, served as metaphors for oppression and racism. Their powerful stories would form this group into one of the most recognizable superhero teams in comics (and a successful series of movies as well).. Who's the best X-Man? How does Mr. Claws scratch his back? How awesome is Huge Axeman? This and other burning questions will be probed.