Season 5, Episode 3: Of Things That Get Stranger and Stranger

(Not So) Live from Asteroid G

We're talking NetflixOriginally started as a disc-by-mail service, Netflix has grown to be one of the largest media companies in the world (and one of the most valued internet companies as well). With a constant slate of new internet streaming-based programming that updates all the time, Netflix has redefined what it means to watch TV and films (as well as how to do it). in this episode of (Not So) Live from Asteroid G. The discussion opens with the crashing stoc of the beleaguered company before veering into a discussion of the multiple ways the comapny seems ignorant to the desires of their own fans (bring back GLOW). Finally we look at a couple of shows from the vault currently streaming on Netflix, talking about why Community still rules while 30 Rock suddenly sucks.