#44: A Test of Royalty

(Not So) Live from Asteroid G

We're thinking about what it takes to be a Disney PrincessesReleased in 1937, Disney's Snow White was a gamble for the company: the first fully-animated, feature-length film ever created. It's success lead to the eventual creation of the Disney Princess franchise, which has spawned 13 main-line films and multiple spin-off movies and shows. as the (Not So) Live crew tries to define the company's stance on "princess". We're looking at everyone, from Aurora to Anna (and a whole bunch of letters in between), seeing if they make the cut as an actual princess, or fall short as just some other government official. And yes, the best princess is Aladdin.

This week's episode of (Not So) Live from Asteroid G features special guest commentators Queen B and Rebecca Finkelstein.