Blaster Master

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Original Series

  • Blaster Master
    • It's time for Jason to hop into SOPHIA to track down a missing frog in this seminal Metroidvania adventure.
  • Blaster Master 2
    • Moving to the Genesis, the series loses much of the magic that made it so great.
  • Blaster Master Boy
    • A sequel in name only, this Game Boy title barely resembles Blaster Master at all (because it really isn't a game in the series).
  • Blaster Master: Enemy Below
    • A loose remake (with the same graphics) of the NES game, Enemy Below has the look, but not the magic, of the original title.
  • Blaster Master: Blasting Again
    • Moving the action into the third dimension, this PlayStation title still can quite figure out how to make a proper sequel to the Blaster Master formula.
  • Blaster Master: Overdrive
    • Another remake of the original game, this title at least has some new ideas but it all gets muddled in mediocre execution.

See Also

  • Fester's Quest: Sunsoft takes the Blaster Master formula and applies it to The Addams Family, to only tepid results.

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