The Works of Jackie Chan

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Project A Series:

  • Project A
    • A team for the Hong Kong Coast Guard tries to take down a band of pirates, but gets demoted down to street cops in this early action/comedy film.
  • Project A Part II
    • A direct sequel (in name only), this film finds out Coast Guard seargeant back on the streets as a cop to take down a corrupt cop and a gang of criminals.

Police Story Series:

  • Police Story
    • Playing another cop, our hero has to take on a gang of drug runners after an initial bust goes very, very poorly.
  • Police Story 2
    • The gang is back, but so are a group of bombing terrorists, in this direct sequel that lacks even the spark (pun intended) of the original.
  • Police Story 3: Super Cop
    • The first big release for this series in the West finds Jackie Chan teaming up with Michelle Yeoh for an international caper full of action and intrigue.
  • Crime Story
    • A serious take for the franchise, this spin-off finds Chan battling his own personal demons, and bad elements on the force.
  • Project S: Super Cop 2
    • A second spin-off, this time giving Michelle Yeoh the lead role in her own related film in the series.
  • Police Story 4: First Strike
    • This fourth official entry, and last in the original series, find Jackie's Kevin Chan aiding the CIA in a fight against illegal arms dealers.
  • New Police Story
    • A reboot for the series, this film takes a more serious tone (once again), as Jackie's Benny Chan battles a group of bank robbing street thugs.
  • Police Story: Lockdown
    • Another reboot for the series, this time Jackie's Zhong Wen goes on the hunt for his missing daughter while battling a gang of criminals.

Armour of God Series:

  • Armour of God
    • A former musician turned treasure hunter and thrill seeker goes on the hunt for mythical pieces of armor in this whirlwind adventure.
  • Armour of God 2: Operation Condor
    • The Condor returns to search out a supposed German base full of gold lost out in the middle of the Sahara Desert.
  • Chinese Zodiac
    • A decade later, the Condor returns once more, this time on a search for missing brozen heads that leads to a whirlwind international adventure.

>Rush Hour Series:

  • Rush Hour
    • Called in to help find a missing girl, Hong Kong cop is paired with an L.A. detective for a comedy/action adventure with broad crossover appeal.
  • Rush Hour 2
    • Traveling back to Hong Kong, Detective Inspector Lee and Detective James Carte now have to take on an international drug ring in this moderately successful sequel.
  • Rush Hour 3
    • Carter and Lee are back, three years later, to take on the Triads and a skilled assassin, in this vastly less interesting third outing.

Other Films:

  • Dragon Lord
    • The lazy son of a rich lord has to battle a terroist gang in this middling early Jackie Chan adventure.
  • Twin Dragons
    • In a double role, Jackie plays twin brothers seperated at birth but brought together due to the machinations of an evil criminal gang.
  • Rumble in the Bronx
    • In from Hong Kong, a detective who's only in New York to help his uncle sell a grocery store finds himself wrapped up with a street gang and a plot to steal diamonds.
  • The Accidental Spy
    • This later-period entry for the actor saw him take on the role of an exercise equipment salesman who accidentally foils the plot of an evil gang.