Kunio-Kun (and Spin-offs)

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Main Series

  • Renegade
    • The game that basically launched the beat-em-up arcade genre, this first entry in the Kunio-Kun series has the elements but lacks the staying power to remain a classic.
  • Super Dodge Ball
    • A fun diversion for the series, this game too lacks real staying power but it did show that Kunio and his friends could be put just about anywhere to decent results.
  • River City Ransom
    • The first truly great fighting game in the series, this title has everything fans wanted -- RPG elements, lots of cash, dumb catch phrases -- all wrapped up in solid fighting action.
  • Nintendo World Cup
    • Kunio and his boys take to the field for the first soccer game in the franchise, but this is still a Kunio-kun game through and through.

Renegade Sequels

  • Target: Renegade
    • A sequel to the original title published by Ocean, and not Tradewest, this title looks vaguely like the original Renegade but has neither the style nor wit to really pull it off.

Double Dragon Series

  • Double Dragon
    • While Kunio and Co. were off playing sports, Tradewest pushed the genre even further with this beat-em-up that easily redefined everything people expected in a brawling game.
  • Double Dragon II: The Revenge
    • When Marian is killed in retaliation for the events of the first adventure, the Dragon boys return to take on the Big Boss again and get a little payback in this superior sequel.
  • Double Dragon 3: The Rosetta Stone
    • The Lee boys are back to hunt down magical stones in this uninspired three-quel.