We're Still Alive

State of the Site Address 2022

So I know it's been a little while since the site last updated (nearly a month, and man time got away from me there). A number of things came up, which I want to briefly touch upon, so as to give some explanation as to what happen. In short, though, the site has not been abandoned and, now that I have more time available, updates will resume, more or less, as normal.

What's Been Keeping Me Away

Two major developments have kept me from having the kind of free time I was used to, which in turn meant I couldn't work on this site like I'd like. When it comes to maintaining various projects there are times where something has to give, and for Asteroid G this was the project that had to give way for other things to happen.

To start, my wife and I are foster parents and for the last couple of months we've had a newborn baby. Newborns, in case anyone hasn't mentioned it before, are a shit ton of work and, this last month, she had more she needed, and more she wanted to do as she developed, which meant there was more time spent on the wee little one. It was satisfying, in its own way, and I enjoyed it. Sadly, the baby has moved on to a family member so we won't get to see how she does (at least any time soon). it does free up my time substantially, but it's bittersweet all the same.

Meanwhile, what little free time I had that wasn't all devoted to a baby was eaten up by my web-comic, CVRPG. The comic ended recently (about a week ago, and yes I did enjoy some well deserved time away from projects because of that), and as part of the celebration of it ending I did some hugely over-the-top comics. They were long (like thousands and thousands of pixels long), and took forever to make, with some comics take three days to design and layout. Any time I might have wanted to spend on writing was eaten up by the comic.

The comic ending is also bittersweet in its own way, as that's the end of an era there. Nineteen years of my life put into that comic and now it's over. Like, "hurray I made it!" but also, "oh..." Still, I am now much more free to work on the site (and all my other projects).

So What's Next For Asteroid G?

Some things I already wanted to do for the site, like the layout redesign, I took care of over the last year. I'm actually really happy with how the site looks currently, with no plans to redesign it any time soon (that's a rare thing for me to say). At some point I'd still like to get a database running behind this beast to organize it better, but that's a project beyond my skill set so it will just have to have a pin stuck in it for the future.

Podcasts will resume next month. I've plotted with my co-host Josh a remix of the podcasts ideas and we have a great format change we're going to implement. We think it'll be good, and will help to shake up our recording sessions, which at the very least should entertain us (and that's 90% of the goal with doing a podcast, entertaining the people making it).

As for the regular features, I know that with it already being April we've missed a good portion of "Action Adventure April". To make up for it I'm extending the action-fest into May so for the next month and a half we'll be doing "Oops All April" with action reviews every week day. That will start tomorrow and should make up for lost time.

So, yeah... We're still here, and still alive, and are grateful to our readers for bearing with us. It's been a great four years since this site restarted and we look forward to many more years of bitching about pop-culture to come.