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  • American Vandal
    • A (fictional) true-crime series about outcast kids and crimes at their school. When a serial vandal strike, the show is there to ask the hard-hitting question: "Who did the dicks?"
  • Another Life
    • An alien artifact lands on Earth sending future-humanity into a real tizzy. Suddenly, the United Space Force throws a crew together to head to the alien homeworld, but their journey, and events on Earth, conspire to make the mission far more complicated than first expected.
  • Arrested Development
    • This is the story of a television show too smart and funny for the time it came out in, and the creators and producers that wouldn't let it die even after it being off the air for years and years.
  • Black Mirror
    • A British import, this surrealistic anthology series moved to Netflix for its third season, carrying on showing us a world very like our own, but twisted enough to reveal the flaws within.
  • The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina
  • Daredevil
    • He's a blind lawyer with superpowers (enhanced senses and an amazing skill at fighting) taking on the darkest parts of the city... and himself. Let's all wallow in the darkness with Daredevil
  • Disenchanted
    • After The Simpsons and Futurama, fans of Matt Groening were dying to find out what genre he'd tackle next. And the answer was: Fantasy. We explore the series to see what works and what might need improvement.
  • GLOW
    • Back in the 1980s there was women's wrestling league called the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling, or GLOW for short. This semi-fictional series explores that league, and we review it to see if really packs a punch.
  • The Haunting of Hill House
    • Years ago, a family moved into a spooky old house. Eight weeks later, most of the fled those very same walls. What happened at Hill House to drive a family away in terror? Let's find out.
  • House of Cards
    • In 2013 Netflix launched a slate of original content, with his Kevin Spacey-starring political thriller in the pole position. A smash at launch, the show continued on through various evil plots and political machinations, but was hobbled in the end by the firing of Kevin Spacey (for being Kevin Spacey and doing all kinds of terrible things in his life). It continued on, so we take a look at the whole run to see how the show sends itself off.
  • The Innocents
    • With so many superhero shows on television, it takes a lot for a new series to stand out, especially when it's based on an original concept. Does the YA series The Innocents do enough to stand out? Let's see.
  • Iron Fist
    • Part of the Netflix corner of the MCU, Iron Fist debuted in 2017 and quickly became known as the worst series in the stable. What went wrong with the first season, and was that assessment really fair?
  • Jessica Jones
    • The second series from the MCU to come out on Netflix (after Daredevil, this show exchanged mystical powers and blindfighting for hard drinking detective noir. And, for the first season or so, it really worked.
  • The Joel McHale Show with Joel McHale
    • After the cancellation of The Soup, Joel McHale took his clip-show format to Netflix to take another stab at a regular series. Sadly, it only lasted one season. Let's explore the show to see what happened and why it didn't catch on.
  • The Last Kingdom
    • He is Uhtred, Son of Uhtred, and his adventures have moved permanently to Netflix after first debuting on BBC America. We take a dive into this historical epic about an English lord, raised by Danes, and watch to see if he ever reclaims his honor and his destiny.
  • Luke Cage
    • Part of the MCU, Luke Cage has been working to clean up Harlem and fight thee threats, both homegrown and supernatural, that just keep coming to his part of NYC.
  • Maniac
    • Set in a trippy not-quite future but not quite retro version of our world, we follow two damaged people, Owen and Annie, as they seek help (or maybe just a quick fix) from a weird new drug study.
  • Mindhunter
    • Set in the 1970s (and after), this series follows a team at the FBI has they begin the construction of a new unit that would interview mass murderers (soon to be dubbed "serial killers" to figure out what drives them... and maybe use that knowledge to catch other killers.
  • Orange is the New Black
    • One of Netflix's first experiments with original content, OITNB focused on the lives and troubles of a group of women in a female prison. Although the series is still going strong, we only checked in on the first season and then never went back.
  • The Punisher
    • Spun-off from the second season of Netflix's Daredevil, this series follows Frank Castle as he wages a one-man war against the criminal element in New York.
  • Queer Eye
    • A revival of the makeover show, this series looks to help men (and women) reinvent themselves via the care and assistance of five gay men. Does the new series compare to the original? Let's find out.
  • Secret City
    • Set in Australia, this series explores the political turmoil just under the surface of the government. But is the show tense and thrilling, or simply trying to do too much?
  • Stranger Things
    • When the U.S. Government starters running weird tests in the middle of Indiana, only a group of kids can stop these evil actions. Set in the early 1980s, Strangers Things is powered by horror, '80s nostalgia, and the magic of being a kid. But can is translate that into a winner series?
  • Umbrella Academy
    • When a whole group of children are all spontaneously born on the same day (to women who, before that day, weren't pregnant at all), one might say it's a little weird. Or you could be a rich industrialist and purchase seven of the kids to raise as your own. Why? So they can be superheroes and save the world, of course.

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