The Works of David Fincher

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  • Alien 3
    • The third, and most hated, of the classic Alien films, this flick had a notoriously troubled production that just went on and one without any actual movie getting made. We take a dive into the film to see what all the fuss is about.
  • The Game
    • A wild trip of a movie that leaves you guessing about what is real and what's fantasy.
  • Fight Club
    • A guy who can't sleep dreams of escaping his routine life, and then finds a friend to help him escape himself.
  • Zodiac
    • An anti-serial killer film, this movie defies the basic expectations of the genre while absolutely playing within it.
  • The Social Network
    • A study of a sociopath dressed up as a history of the founding of Facebook, this film is a solid drama that feels no need to redeem its central figure.
  • The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
    • A adapation of the first book in the "Millenium" series, it was meant to launch a franchise until Sony screwed around with everything.


  • House of Cards
    • In 2013 Netflix launched a slate of original content, with his Kevin Spacey-starring political thriller in the pole position. A smash at launch, the show continued on through various evil plots and political machinations, but was hobbled in the end by the firing of Kevin Spacey (for being Kevin Spacey and doing all kinds of terrible things in his life). It continued on, so we take a look at the whole run to see how the show sends itself off.
  • Mindhunter
    • Set in the 1970s (and after), this series follows a team at the FBI has they begin the construction of a new unit that would interview mass murderers (soon to be dubbed "serial killers" to figure out what drives them... and maybe use that knowledge to catch other killers.

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