Dirty Harry

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  • Dirty Harry (1971)
    • An unknown killer starts shooting people, with a sniper rifle, all over San Francisco, and it makes the citizen fearful. But it's the creepy notes he leavs at his crimes that really drives the media blitz and raises things to a frenzy. In the middle of it all is one cop that can solve the case and bring some justice to the city: "Dirty" Harry Callahan.
  • Magnum Force
    • Callahan is back, this time on the hunt for a killer (or killers) taking out the worst criminals in the city. While the crimes might seem justified, no one should be allowed to be a vigilante, not accordingly to vigilante cop Harry Callahan.
  • The Enforcer
    • A group of supposed terrorists steal a bunch of weapons and explosives, and Harry is once again set on the case. But he'll also have to deal with his biggest challenge yet: a female partner.
  • Sudden Impact
    • Forced to take a vacation in a seaside town to avoid the heat headed his way from the San Fran criminal element, Harry finds himself on the case of a killer blowing the dicks off a certain group of men. Why?
  • The Dead Pool
    • For Harry's (unofficial) final case he's put onto the murder of a rising Hollywood star, only to discover a much more sinister plot. A list, of those expected to die, where one by one the bodies start getting checked off.


  • Dirty Harry (1990)
    • A loosely related tie-in game for the NES, this just so happened to serve as Harry's true last adventure, even if no one would want to acknowledge this game even exists.