How to Choose Your Starting Series in SD Gundam G Generation: Cross Rays

Time for Lern With Fizzlebeef

Now, I know what you're thinking. I want to get started playing one of the worst least diverse first English translated G Gen games now released for steam, but you don't even gundam! What even is a mobile suit and why do some of them mobile armor and who are all these teenagers??? There's a million different starting stages how do I do this correctly what choices am I even doing?

Worry not, Internet stranger! I've got a handy dandy checklist of places to start and things to do, because the place you start in largely helps determine the access to your first series units, and not the junk-ass Originals like the fucking Tornado Gundam and the fucking Phoenix Zero. These are bad and should feel bad. But what feels good?

Let's Talk Pilots

Just grab in order: whoever the protag is, followed by whoever the final boss is. If you don't like how pretty the antag's hair is, just go for supporting cast members.

  • Gundam Wing: Start with Heero Yui. After that, grab Zechs Marquise. Strongly consider Treize Kushrenada. After that I dunno fuck it grab Duo or Wufei or Trowa. Quatre is a wrong answer because he sucks and Sandrock is a shit gundam.
  • Gundam SEED: Starting here is a wrong answer but if you enjoy thumbing your nose at authority go ahead and take your whiny Kira Yamato and your fucking idiot Athrun Zala and your "YOU'RE NOT MY REAL DAD" Shinn Asuka and enjoy your dumbass shit gundams. After them it doesn't really matter because nobody else in the show carries plot armor like these three fuckers.
  • Gundam 00: Start with Setsuna F. Seiei and then go for Tieria Erde and maybe Lock-On Stratus. Then, later on, pick up Setsuna F. Seiei, and then go for Tieria Erde, and maybe Lock-On Stratus. Finally, consider picking up Setsuna F. Seiei, and then go for Tieria Erde, and maybe Lock-On Stratus. Also if you do the thing and get a Setsuna F. Seiei that is cosplaying as the T-2000, pick that shit up immediately because he will also function a lot like the T-2000.
  • Gundam IBO: Git Thee Mikazuki Augus. Everybody else in the show is bland toast.

What Is This Raid Crew and Battleship Stuff? I Don't Get It!

If you're poor and low level and smol, you load whoever the fuck into a raid group and deploy as many as the mission will let you. If you're big and stronk and looking to cheese the game forever, deploy a battleship because that shit is always loaded with 9 units. If your battleship doesn't hold 9, buy a fucking extra hanger.

Help! I Have a Battleship Crew! Who the Fuck!

I dunno just grab cheap people who are all in on the battleship stats. Except XO, you want that person to be an ace pilot probably, just give him the XO skills later. And take both forms of Relena Peacecraft for the Guest officer slots because they're busted.

Okay, Now That I've Done None of That Because I Start the Game with Fucking Lunch Money, Where Do I Start?

Great question! Let's consider the benefits of the high powered gundams in each universe.

  • Gundam Wing Advantages: Base Power, also half the best shit comes equipped with the Z.E.R.O. System, which makes your pilots much better on average.
  • Gundam SEED Advantages: Phase Shift Armor is the dumbest fucking thing but if you want to defend yourself against ballistics (which are usually the weakest weapons anyway) then here you go, here's you're dumbass "MUH GUNDAM WENT FROM BLACK AND WHITE TO PAINTED BECAUSE BATTERIES" path.
  • Gundam 00 Advantages: Do you want super-moves? Basically god damn everything in here has super moves that you can start unleashing once your pilots get really mad after killing a lot of units.
  • Gundam IBO Advantages: Nanolaminate armor motherfuckers! It's like Phase Shift Armor except it works against all beam weapons and is pretty busted.

Whichever one of those strikes your fancy: start in the first mission of the main series because you'll get the most bang for your buck in unlocking shit.

Hey, What About These DLC Units?

The Turn A Gundam comes with the only attack in the game that straight up ignores armor/defenses/defensive stats/abilities. So one of those would be nice. Other than that I dunno, grab the prettiest ones. But not too many or you'll hamstring your library progression.

Okay, Cool, Now What?

I dunno just play it and marvel at all the cut-scenes wtf are you sitting here for let's go times a wasting your 400 hours of library unlocking progression ain't gonna start itself.