Asteroid G Comment Policy

Those of you familiar with the Clockwork Mansion Forums will recognize many of these rules. The general guideline is to be civil and not a jerk. In detail:

Rule I

Do not be annoying or an idiot. The moderation staff reserves the right to define what being an "idiot" is at their leisure. They also have the right to remove excessively annoying or difficult people from the community.

  • Section A: It is wise not to purposefully argue with the admins about a decision they have made. While we are willing to discuss a decision, any action the admins take is discussed, and agreed to, among them and is, thus, final. Being argumentative just makes you seem like an idiot, and (as covered) we don't like idiots.

Rule II

Don't be a jerk. Don't come into discussions to pick fights, be rude, start wars, or put everyone down. If you are a jerk to everyone around you, the admins will be more than happy to deal with you in an effective (and permanent) manner.

  • Section A: Racial slurs or derogatory terms will not be tolerated. By that same token, no commenter shall be subject to prejudice or ridicule based on: gender, race, ethnicity and/or religion, age, location, occupation, or sexual orientation.

Rule III

No spamming. Do not take over a thread to advertise yourself, products, or anything not related to the matters of the site.

  • Section A: Don't hijack threads or take threads in a completely off topic direction to further a personal agenda. We understand that, due to the natural flow of a conversation, topics will wander as new ideas (theories, etc.) come about. However, taking a thread, purposefully, far off course to discuss a topic unrelated to what is going on in the thread is not allowed, and is considered little better than spamming (you're advertising your own agenda).

Rule IV

You are not the discussion police. You are just an average poster, and it is not your job to make sure other people are doing things "properly". If you see people doing naughty things (being rude, using slurs, trolling, etc.), don't argue with them about how they are doing things wrong. You may report the posts/people to the admins. That is as far as you should take any matter.

Rule V

Please send all complaints/concerns to the admins. An easy way to do so is via email ( We take all complaints seriously and, once reported, the matter will be given all due consideration.

Once you've reported a situation to the authorities, leave the situation alone for the administrators to take care of. We don't need you going back in and saying "I've reported this because you've done something wrong." Let us do our jobs.

Rule VI

If you don't like the discussions and feel the need to post your dislike, don't. You are free to leave at any time.